Guess to Win!!!

Happy Friday my crafty friends!!!

Today I am doing something a little different, I am having a guessing game!!!
Not only will you give your brain a work out but you could win a gift card worth $25.00 to spend at your favorite store , It doesn't matter where you live so all can participate!!!!

The name's of the people who guess it right, those names will be dropped into a bag and  I will pick one  on video. 

There is a second prize as well

I will give 10 free digital images from Creative Bug Digital Snapshot
So here is the question:
Look at the wreathe I created in the image below, tell me what I used to make the two items on the outside of the wreath.

Hint: One of them are "STRAWS"
What is the other???

 Another hint:   klatsrewolfs'atosh

Winners will be revealed 1 week from today  (Thursday, Feb. 9/2017), be sure to check back, the winner has 3 days to claim prize.
Have a great day and HAVE FUN!!!!


Heather "Hev" said…
Very cool !!

I think the other things are tree branches/ twigs

Have a fab day x
That wreath is gorgeous! But you have me stumped! LOL!! To me they almost look like pussywillows!!!!!
I think they are twigs, but not sure which kind, lol.
Em x
sticks! sticks and straws! super cute!
Edwina said…
Looks like bamboo or sticks. It is hard to tell. Edwina Brown
Migdalia said…
I would say twigs from a tree..Its very pretty by the way!!
Have a wonderful day my friend,
Crafting with Creative M
KT Fit Kitty said…
Your wreath is beautiful. First I thought bamboo skewers but I don't think so. My guess is hosta's flower stalk. Clever idea!
Very neat. I would have said twigs but your second clue is throwing me for a loss!


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